The Artist’s Prayer

Moon12I wrote this a number of years ago.  It still holds true and bears repeating now and again.

The Artist’s Prayer

Creator of all Creativity, guide my hand and heart,
Causing me to ever be open to the ebb and flow of Life’s Sacred Offerings;

Ready my brush and sharpen my pencil;
Poised and eager always, may I never fear a blank page.

Let me always view the world through clean windows, and
May I know my Self through honoring the creative gifts entrusted to me.

I vigilantly take up palette and paint, ink and nib, yea, all the tools of my craft;
Clay and Stone and Wood, Song and Dance and Script, and instruments of every kind –

For I wish to Dance the Dance of the Living, of the Creative, of the Artist.

Forever and ever in living color.


Valerie Lovelace, 2009

One Comment

  1. Joy LaPlante says:

    Hi Valerie, Love your work !!! Sending you positive energy on your new adventure. 🙂 Joy

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