The Painter’s Primer Revisited…

I wanted to share this really important blog post of 100 important tips by Irwin Greenberg, who taught at the High School of Art & Design and the Art Students League of New York.  He died in 2009 at the age 87.  I had seen it before and always remembered item five: “buy the best materials you can afford,” and fifteen: “know your art equipment and take care of it.”

I find the other 98 equally inspiring and important.

Rather than re-post the entire list here (which I’m certain violates some kind of blogging e-etiquette even if I cite it correctly), I’ll direct you to The Art Student League of New York and their online publications, Line A, for the full article, “The Painter’s Primer, A Survival Kit.

Enjoy.  Save the list and revisit it when frustrated, feeling lost or lacking in creativity.

Now go be inspired.

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