I know some would argue that producing digital work isn’t really “art.”  

I don’t agree ~ it’s just a different form of art.  

And sometimes it’s the only form that can do justice to certain situations.  Digitized work is certainly capable of bringing the same kind of joy and pleasure as other art-forms.

Dissolving Illusions, 2014, cover design commission


“Getting the cover to our book done was the easiest part of the book, and that was because we hired a true professional with monster talent. Endowed with amazing insight, Val zoomed right in on the mood we described and created something better than we imagined. I highly recommend Thunderbunny Designs. We will be ongoing clients.” ~ Suzanne Humphries, MD



 100+ Years, 2012, photo restoration

This photo had been trimmed, torn, bent, exposed to moisture, and torn again.  It was cracked, molded, taped, and pretty much everything but stapled, spindled, and mutilated.  Fifty five hours later…

This picture was given to me when I was a little girl, and it was pretty old then.  Thank you for giving my grandparents back to me! ~ Irene, age 89

Original Photo

Badly damaged photograph (over 100 years old)

Digital Repairs

After extensive digital repairs

Adjusted Grayscale

Adjusted for brightness and contrast

Adjusted Tone and Vibrance

Adjusted for tone and vibrance

Adjusted for color

Restored ‘colorized’ version

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