Suminagashi (SOO-MEE-NA-GA-SHEE, literally meaning “floating ink”) is an ancient Japanese variant of paper marbling. The Japanese technique is thought to be well over a thousand years old…some say as old as two thousand years.  There are several different ways to marble paper.

The Japanese process involves floating inks and a surfacant onto the surface of a shallow pan of water, developing interesting shapes and patterns. The patterns may be slightly stirred by breath, music vibrations, or drawing an object through the solution. Papers are gently laid onto the solution to take up the pattern. The ink absorbs quite rapidly as the paper is saturated. Finally, the papers are either hung or blocked to dry. The patterns are not repeatable, so each printing produces an organic, one-of-a-kind piece.

My images are imprinted onto high quality copperplate paper cut to size, folded, blocked, and individually packaged (blank inside, envelope included.)  These are original works, each is unique.  Sold in packs of four ($20.00, plus $3.00 shipping and Maine State Sales Tax of 5.5%.  Assorted colors and patterns.

Purchase Card 4-Pack ($24.10 total tax and shipping)

These are examples from actual cards I’ve created.

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